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March: goes in with tree-tapping, goes out with syrup!


March isn’t a popular month in general: it’s too much winter and not enough spring, full of days that look promising and then end up windy and rainy.  It’s just hard to like the last month of winter. For us, March is Birthday Month, with two of the four of us celebrating birthdays (on the same day, no less), giving us something else to think about besides the weather.

This past weekend, we started March with a quick jaunt upstate to join our friends in tapping some of their maple trees, something we have been planning since the Great Maple Syrup Shortage of 2012.  My family consumes untold quantities of syrup and with prices sky high, we decided it was time to cut out the middleman.  The weather seems to be cooperating this year—cold at night, creeping above freezing during the day—and when we drilled the first hole, the sap came pouring out!  We now have four weeks to collect forty gallons of sap before our planned syrup boil at the end of the month, which should yield us one whole gallon of amber gold. Now I know why it’s so expensive!


In between now and then, we will be throwing parties, drinking Fire Cider,  trying to make kombucha, opening our Bokashi bin, and spring cleaning. Or at least we’ll try to accomplish half of that.  Either way, we won’t even notice the weather.


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