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The Fire Cider Report.

Fire Cider Ready!

I was admittedly late in starting the fire cider.  According to those who know, one should start a fire cider in the fall – say October or November – so it can be taken as a preventative tonic when cold and flu season really hits, keeping your circulation up during cold winter days.  But I was pretty healthy this winter and didn’t even know about it until late January when I grated up all my ingredients and put them in a jar to steep in cider vinegar.   They say it should sit anywhere from 4-8 weeks and – like clockwork – I developed a nasty cold with a side order of pink-eye, exactly 4 weeks after I started mine.  Taking it as an omen, I decided that the cider was ready to be pressed into action and I strained it out into a jar. Considering the ingredients, I was expecting it to be somewhat explosive, but after spending over a month hanging out in some cider vinegar, fiery ingredients like horseradish, cayenne and jalapeño had mellowed a bit, like they had been working it out at Camp David. Still potent, yet somewhat friendly.  I was a little nervous about ingesting this concoction, but it really isn’t hard to take at all -and I can see why it might be a welcome addition to a bloody mary.

I won’t say that my fire cider kept me from taking the Z-pac and eye drops, but now that I am nominally healthy I will take a daily dose in hopes that it wards off any evil spirits ahead. Also, it’s best taken in a Deadwood shot glass, if you happen to have one.


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2 Comments on “The Fire Cider Report.

  1. Ari Shwedel
    March 6, 2013

    Everything tastes better in a Deadwood shot glass.

  2. Helen Topcik
    March 6, 2013

    Hold that Bloody Mary thought for next weekend.

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